My Plan’s Better Than Yours


by, Nan Claire Falkner

Debbie sauntered over to her new husband wearing only an alluring smile. Patrick was an artist and owned a vineyard that had been in his family over a century. He was handsome, smart and had proposed to her three days after meeting.

Her ex, Mark, said “This is the last one, baby and we can retire in style.” Not knowing she was in love, he made one fatal mistake. He suggested that she kill Pat which would hasten Marks plan. She had countered with a better plan, kill Mark instead.

Everything would have been perfect except for the satellite above.


48 thoughts on “My Plan’s Better Than Yours

  1. Dear Nan,

    This Valentine’s Day seems more like the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre…at least for Friday Fictioneers. Dang satellite. Nothing’s sacred. Not even murder. Good one.



  2. Uh-uh–looks like satellites will put an end to the clandestine “behind the bushes” rendevous as well as the alfresco murder plot. Is nothing sacred any more? Good twist.

  3. There was a headline I recall from the not so distant past where a hubby was caught cheating due to satellite footage of him in the wrong place at the wrong time compared to what he told his wife. Art imitates life again 🙂

  4. What a well written short story by a talented author who happens to be my twin sister, Loved it.
    Keep it up. May I have your autograph. Love, Ann

  5. You just can’t murder anybody privately these days. 🙂 True love was her doom. May I point out a missing apostrophe: Mark’s rather than Marks? Sorry. I’m a nitpicky proofeader. Good read. Nice characterisation.

  6. Nan, CIA watching. Wish that Debbie could get away with taking Mark out. What a louse he was. She will be much happier with her love Pat. Ann

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