Grandma Had a Bright Idea


By, Nan Claire Falkner

As Sara entered the yard sale, she felt tingling up her spine.  There was a table on the front porch with old lamps.  One caught her eye – a clear glass lantern with dried roses inside kept next to Grandmas bed.   She died without a will on file, so her worthless son took everything.  Sara’s mom got zip.

Sara purchased the lamp and quickly got in her car, locked the doors and took a deep breath.  As she unscrewed the cap, she held her breath.   Under the rose petals in the base of the lamp were Grandma’s jewels.  “Thanks Grandma!”



75 thoughts on “Grandma Had a Bright Idea

    • I will never forget that mansion you, your Mother, and I went to in KC that had the coolest stuff in the world in! Of course, some of the floors were water damaged, but it was so cool! I miss those days Pammy! Thanks for stopping by! Nan 🙂

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