Grandpa’s Woodworking Shop


By, Nan Claire Falkner

With the dust explosion last year, Grandpa opened his new shop in the old chicken house.  It had plenty of light plus good air circulation.  He also installed a state-of-the-art vacuum dust collector system.  After all, the fire marshal had written “careless smoking” under ‘cause.’

 “Well, it wouldn’t happen again.”  Mama said, having the workmen put up the new sign.

“Now you mind what you’re a doing from now on!  “No more smoking!”

“Yes dear,” he said putting his Copenhagen back in his suspenders.  “Besides, I quit!”

“So you say!” she said, as she threw his pipe in the well.


40 thoughts on “Grandpa’s Woodworking Shop

  1. My grandfather smoked a pipe and died of lung cancer. But the pipe always smelled better to me than cigarettes. I’ve heard of dust explosions. I’m just glad Grandpa’s still around being feisty.


  2. Nan, Good job again. Reminds me of our years on the chicken farm and all the dust in the chicken houses. Sometimes you couldn’t catch your breath in the summer, even with the chicken wire at the end of the houses, the doors open wide, and windows opened. Ann

    • I quit after smoking 40 years and it was easier than I thought – took Chantix. But, I will eat anything not nailed down. – except for eggplant, liver, and some shellfish, sardines, oysters, or anything that had tentacles at some time.

  3. Good story on a hot topic! Grandpa’s probably got a reserve pipe or two. My parents died too young and within months of each other because of cigarettes and my youngest brother died at 47 due to passively smoking their cigarettes all his life – and he had disabilities too which meant that he needed a more healthy environment than normal, not less. Smokers don’t care about anything except their cigarettes. And I also blame the cigarette companies. They and governments knew for a long time that cigarettes were deadly. Why are cigarette companies still in business? MONEY!

  4. sometimes you must have hard core situations put into place to let others see how much you care for them and want to see them stop destructive behavior. love the scenario, Nan.

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