The New Antenna

The New Antenna

“I’m going to the New Year’s Eve Party, Mother.  It’s at the Westing’s house. I need the transformer and grid.”

“OK, but there’s a storm brewing.”

Then she looked up, “Why Eddy, you have a new antenna!”

“Yea, well last week, Panella Filament said there wasn’t enough spark in my eyes.”

“You’ll be the light of the party tonight!”

“I sure hope so, ‘cause I’m all amped up.”

“Edison Tungsten,” she whispered, “Be careful, I heard Harry Watts referred to her as ‘electrifying’!”

Just then, lightning struck the house.
“That’s just why I’m charged up!   I know she’s well connected.”


13 thoughts on “The New Antenna

  1. Nan,

    I watched you write this outstanding short story. “Great fictional take” on a simple photo. Good imaginary thinking. I just love your story.

    Needless to say, you became excited as you wrote this piece. In the end, you became ‘electrifying’ and ‘all amped up’ as you were writing. I am very happy you finally joined the Friday Fictioneers. You are going to have fun. Mike

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